IMTS Office


IMTS is a team of specialists personnel committed to the laser and sheet metal industries.

Established in 1994 as a dedicated service company to the CO2 laser market, IMTS has grown to be a leading supplier of world-class industrial machine tools from Prima Power, Finn Power, and Prima Electro. Our Laser Specialists division provides focusing lenses, optics, and consumables from leading manufacturer II-VI Infrared and laser measuring equipment from Macken Instruments.  After 20 years, our dedication to the customer continues to be the cornerstone of our company.

Located in a modern facility in Melbourne, our facilities include a showroom and demonstration centre equipped with Prima Power and Finn Power equipment,  Laser training and safety is also provided at this site.  Our Sydney location is strictly service oriented.

We remain committed to providing technical excellence and innovative products to our customers. We ensure our technicians are at the forefront of the industry with state-of-the-art equipment, ongoing training, and certifications.  Our investment in our customers means we stock a huge inventory of spare parts, OEM preferred laser focusing lenses, optics, cutting tips and ceramics for immediate service or overnight delivery.

IMTS take pride in keeping you competitive and profitable.  It’s built our reputation.