LPef Series

The LPef series combines servo-electric and fiber laser technologies in a manufacturing solution that offers outstanding flexibility, speed, accuracy and productivity.

The ultimate four-in-one benefits

In LPef machine you get four technologies combined in the same package: punching, forming, marking, and laser cutting. The inherent benefit of integrated punching and laser cutting is versatility. You can use the turret punch press where it is easier or faster and the laser where it is most flexible. Depending on the manufacturing task at hand, you can always choose the most productive manufacturing method. This amounts to flexibility for fulfilling varying requirements, cost-efficiency and competitiveness, the things that Prima Power works for in our consistent development of technology.
Prima Power LPef series features a modern 2 kW, 3 kW or 4 kW fiber laser source with low energy consumption and the need for laser gases eliminated. Thus the LPef is a perfect example of the Prima Power Green Means® philosophy.
LPeF Series


  • All the versatility and capabilities of Prima Power E series punching technology
  • Combined punch, laser, marking and forming
  • Increased accuracy, as only one machine performs the work stages
  • Less stress on the components of the process
  • Reduced space requirement as only one machine is required
  • Reduced cost for programming work, as only one NC program is required
  • The turret layout is always customer-specific and up to 384 tools can be inserted in the turret
  • Work chute 500 mm x 500 mm for punched components
  • Two different drop doors for laser cut components up to 800 mm x 800 mm
  • Automatic laser scrap sorting
  • Wide range of options like upforming, various types of  Multi-Tools®, up to four clamps and individual movement, three different tapping solutions, lifting brush tables
  • Easy safety protections to comply with safety regulations
  • Excellent possibilities for system automation, e.g. part sorting, stacking, etc.


  • Compact Express – raw material loading and skeleton unloading device with fast working cycle and a small footprint
  • SU9 – smart sorting unit for small work chute parts
  • LST – loading and stacking robot for automatic material loading and part sorting
  • LSR – high-performance portal type loading and stacking robot for automatic material loading and part sorting
  • Night Train FMS® and COMBO FMS® storage connections possible with LST and LSR type loading and stacking robots to improve flexibility and productivity of entire solution.


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.