Flat cutting machine with unlimited work area. Movement on rails fixed to the ground.

MAXIMO is a large 2D laser cutting system based on the PLATINO® platform, the tried-and-tested Prima Power 2D laser machine.

MAXIMO combines all the advantages of this machine with a very large work area. This result is obtained with a simple but highly effective solution: a complete PLATINO® machine -with its mechanical structure, laser generator, CNC, moving carriages, optical chain and focusing head – travelling on rails over a fixed working table, processing sheets up to 36 m in length.

In addition to the movement axes of the machine (the X- and Y1-axis  for the longitudinal and transversal movements, the Z-axis for the vertical one), MAXIMO features a further Y2-axis, which allows the machine to move beyond its Y1-axis stroke, as far as the sheet metal to be processed requires.

Maximo Flat Cutting Machine


  • quickly and easily installed: no need of a complete foundation thanks to a patented solution for the main carriage guidance and isostatic support, only two plinths of the same length of the Y2-axis stroke are needed
  • one or more support tables (length according to application) with relevant devices for fume extraction and scrap collection
  • CO2 slab lasers from 4000 to 4500 W: wide range of materials and thicknesses, reduction of maintenance and service,  minimized gas consumption, excellent beam quality
  • rapid lens changing cartridge system (from 5″ to 7.5”)
  • F-axis for controlling the focal position independently of the Z-axis
  • SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System) protecting the machine head in case of collisions with workpieces or fixtures
  • CNC P20L with Windows HMI, 15″ Touch screen, Trackball, Tables On Board
  • Optional remote console to use the machine during Y2 movements
  • Optional webcam for the remote control of the work area during the process
  • Total safety: protection cabin fully enclosing the work area


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.