Optimo 3D

The higher class three-dimensional machine for the cutting and welding of large workpieces with superior quality and accuracy.

OPTIMO® is the laser machine by Prima Power for the high precision cutting and welding of large and very large three-dimensional parts.

Its wide work volume, over 11m3, sets no limits to the size of the components which can be processed. OPTIMO® is suitable for a variety of cutting and welding applications, thanks to the wide range of laser sources available and to the fast tool change system.

OPTIMO® is a high performing machine with excellent cutting and welding accuracy and quality. Its design allows an easy access to the work area and the integration with a wide range of solutions for workpiece support and handling.

Thanks to Prima Power unmatched experience in 3D laser processing (its first system was installed in 1979), OPTIMO® is a world class laser machine with superior reliability and quality.

Optimo 3D Laser


  • Compact design integrating machine, laser, CNC
  • Gantry design: accessibility, accurate movement of axes, rigidity and stability
  • Main carriage with dual drive for bilateral positioning movement
  • Carbon fiber Z column for excellent structural rigidity
  • Fast axial flow and slab CO2 lasers with powers from 2.5 to 4 kW
  • direct-drive head featuring high dynamics, accuracy, and quality of movements
  • collision protection system and no-backlash and no-wear direct-drive
  • technology reducing maintenance costs and times
  • two focal length lenses (5” and 7.5”) and fast tool replacement system, for easy changes of production (e.g. cutting, welding)
  • high dynamics adaptive axis maintains workpiece surface stand-off distance
  • double safety joint (SIPS): in case of collision the nozzle and/or the whole head collapse. Quick and simple repositioning
  • Optional Vivida head with local axes synchronized with the main axes of the machine for a dramatic reduction of cycle times
  • user-friendly and ergonomic P20L CNC with touch screen and trackball
  • portable self-teach programming handbox, ergonomic and intuitive to use (large screen, graphic interface, joystick)
  • wide range of modules for the automation of the material handling and storage


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.