P Series

The P version press brake offers a wide range of models from 20 to 320 tons and a wide range of different options.

The Prima Power P series press brake offers an advanced level of versatility. Its design platform is modular and standardized, which allows a wide offering of variations combined with affordable pricing.

The daylight opening, ram speed and tooling solutions have been studied in relation to each other in order to meet high productivity and flexibility requirements. Ram speed exceeding 100 mm/s and the combination of Lazer Safe safety equipment and fast back gauge positioning speeds lead to increase productivity.

The P series is also very easy to use, with the intuitive Open control operator interface and the optional AutoPOL off-line programming featuring 3D simulation.

P Series


  • solid architecture based on FEM optimized welded main frame and independent auxiliary bed referred frames for  ram position measuring
  • electronic synchronized hydraulic drives allowing programmable bending speed as well as off-center and conic bending
  • rigid ram guiding
  • Prima Electro Open control: intuitive 17” touch screen control based on a graphical interface with automatic bending sequencing
  • dual articulation support arm with height adjustment for flexible control panel positioning
  • state of the art Lazer Safe safety guarding
  • CNC controlled Y1, Y2 and a dual drive back gauge (X & R) with two back gauge fingers
  • European style tool clamping with quick clamp intermediates, with rear clamping plates for reverse tool mounting
  • front supports with 150 kg payload each
  • CE/UL compatibility


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.