Ex Series

Prima Power's Ex series offers state of the art in servo-electric punching technology, based on pioneering experience, in an eminently flexible and affordable package.

State of the art in servo-electric punching

An early and major step towards sustainable fabrication was taken on the introduction of the servo-electric E series turret punch press in 1998. Now Prima Power offers already the third generation of this series.The genius of servo electric punching is how it combines energy savings and ergonomics with superb accuracy and productivity. The Ex series has been designed to offer versatile capacity made easy to utilize; Prima Power’s new machine control and user interface software with touch screen panel ensure fast set up and convenient operation. With the Prima Power Ex series, modern servo-electric punching productivity is truly within easy reach.

The servo-mechanically actuated punching stroke is NC-controlled and thus, in addition to high-performance punching, outstandingly accurate forming capacity is available.

Punching Machine Ex Series


  • Customer oriented punching solution
  • Flexible customer-specific turret layout up to 250 tools
  • Multi-Tools® for additional punching versatility
  • Rugged “O” frame
  • 17/20/23 tons punching force up to 8 mm
  • Low energy consumption and connection power
  • Various automation modules: SU3, LST, Compact Express
  • Work chute for max. 500 mm x 500 mm parts
  • Programmable clamp setting (PCS)
  • Intelligent stroke control (ISC)


  • Compact Express – fast loading and unloading with a small footprint
  • LST – compact solution for loading and component sorting
  • SU3 – smart sorting solution for small work chute parts
  • FMS – connection to Night Train FMS® or COMBO FMS® storage possible when using LST device


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.