Shear Brilliance

Shear Brilliance combines the productive principle of integrated punching and right angle shearing with the astonishing performance made possible by modern linear technology

The integrated punching and shearing concept provides one machine capable of transforming a full sized sheet into finished parts with scrap separated. These parts can be moved to final production stages without the need for secondary operations for costly material handling between loading, punching, shearing, sorting and unloading.
You can use pre-cut sheets, but normally standard size sheets are processed while major savings are achieved through efficient nesting. It is important not to think that this is the only way that Shear Brilliance can be operated. When you need just a punching operation, Shear Brilliance can be operated just as high-accuracy, high-performance turret punch press.

Today, right angle shear technology is used throughout the industrial world in most varied applications, in independent production cells, or in central units within automatic material handling systems up to a factory-wide FMS level.

Shear Brilliance


  • The utmost in efficiency and productivity through integrated punching / shearing and linear servo technology
  • Extremely high sheet positioning speed and acceleration
  • Axis positioning measured directly from moving table – no clearances and backlashes – part accuracy in its own class
  • Single clamping during the whole process
  • Sheet preloading and positioning of the sheet while the shear operates on the previous one
  • Very high tooling capacity
  • Customer-specified turret up to 576 tools.
  • MultiTools® for additional punching versatility
  • Upforming with programmable NC axis
  • Intelligent Stroke Control (ISC)
  • riged “O” frame
  • ACS = Automatic clearance setting integrated in shear unit
  • Shearing unit up to 5mm alumium, 4 mild steel and 3mm stainless steel


  • C-Conveyers – Drop boxes to max. 1, 000 mm x 1,200 mm parts
  • SU6 – Smart sorting conveyor under C-conveyers – shorter length of manufacturing line
  • STS – Part stacking and sorting solution up to 4,300 mm length (STS8)
  • COMBO – material storage to longer unmanned production
  • NT – Night Train storage for real lights out operation


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.