Shear Genius® SGe 5

The SGe5 is a new, attractively priced punching – shearing cell for maximum sheet size of 2,500 mm x 1,250 mm. It provides all the inherent benefits of servo-electric technology and integrated – right angle shearing as the bigger Shear Genius® SGe 6/8 cell.

Servo-electric excellence in integrated punching and shearing

The vast majority of all fabricated sheet metal components are rectangular, so a highly economical method to produce them is to perform first punching and then shear the components loose in the automatic process with an integrated right angle shear. The Shear Genius® philosophy is to provide one machine capable of transforming a full sized sheet into finished parts with highest possible material savings. Parts after shearing can be moved faster to final production stages without the need of costly secondary operations.

With Shear Genius® you can use pre-cut sheets, but normally standard size sheets are processed while major savings are achieved through efficient nesting trough NC Express Combi. Shear Genius5® can also be operated without the shear unit. When you need just a punching operation, Shear Genius5® can be operated just as high-accuracy, high-performance turret punch press.

Combi Shears - SGe 5


  • The most compact punching and shearing unit in the market – 42 m2 (X-7,4m x Y-5,7m)
  • Average power consumption only 4 kW
  • All the versatility and capabilities of modern servo electric punch press

The intelligent right angle shear:

  • Faster processing and more trough output
  • Savings in material – no skeletons, no skeleton handling
  • No nibble marks – better component quality
  • The most flexible turret in the market with capacity up to 250 tools or 80 index stations to improve your daily life in production with additional Multi-Tools for more versatility


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.