The entry level bending technology by Prima Power

X -brake is the entry level bending solution by Prima Power. Even though the machine is the most economic in our wide product range, it features all the fundamental basic values every Prima Power machine is famous for – Productivity. Innovation. Reliability.

X-brake is a servo-hydraulic synchronized CNC press brake controlled by Delem 65W. Ease of use and precision are key words to describe working with this machine.

High precision servo-hydraulic controlled ram movement and robust back gauge solutions guarantee work piece quality day after day, year after year.

X Brake


  • the frame is a rigid welded construction with an additional frame for position measuring
  • two -axis back gauge, CNC controlled
  • two hinging fingers with quick clamping bars can be manually moved along the bending length (third and fourth finger available optionally)
  • four-axis BG4 available for higher productivity and flexibility
  • servo-hydraulic ram drive for smooth and precise operation
  • CNC-controlled hydraulic crowning to compensate the deformation of the upper beam under stress, resulting in fast setup times and accurate bending angles
  • two fixed front supports adjustable in height. Movable version on linear guide optionally available
  • European style tooling system
  • upper tool clamping with intermediates featuring adjustment key, safety adaptation and a fast clamping bar
  • lower tool clamping based on a 60 mm table designed for the use of V-dies or 4-V dies


When it comes to the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the manufacturing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.