II-VI Optics

  • II-VI MeniscusLens

    Meniscus Lenses

    Meniscus lenses are designed to minimize spherical aberration producing a minimum focal spot size for incoming collimated light

  • Plano Convex

    Plano-Convex Lenses

    Plano-convex lenses, the most economical transmissive focusing elements available, are ideally suited for laser heat treating, welding, cutting, and infrared radiation collection where spot size or image quality is not critical.

  • MP-5 Ultra-Low Absorption Lenses

    MP-5 Ultra-Low Absorption Lenses

    MP-5: The industry's lowest-absorption CO2 laser lens.THE BEST ... NOW EVEN BETTER.

  • Output Couplers

    Output Couplers

    Partial reflectors are commonly used as laser output couplers or beam attenuators.

  • Rear Mirrors

    Rear Mirrors

    Rear mirrors, typically GaAs, Ge, or ZnSe, are partial reflectors with a very high reflection-to-transmission ratio (99.0% to 99.7%), and are key optical components in laser resonators or laser cavities.

  • Reflective Phase Retarders

    Phase Retarders

    Metal cutting and other critical laser operations are sensitive to any variation in kerf width or cross-section.

  • ar_coated_windows

    AR-Coated Windows

    Windows are frequently used in optical systems to separate the environment in one part of the system from another, such as to seal vacuum or high-pressure cells.

  • protective_window_ge

    Protective Windows

    To protect scan lenses from backsplatter and other workplace hazards, II-VI offers protective windows


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