Mazak® Consumables

Mazak® Consumables from IMTS Machinery

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IMTS Machinery stock a huge range of Mazak® nozzles and consumables, ready for overnight shipping direct to your door.

Download the brochure for Mazak® machines by clicking on the link below.

Mazak® Consumables

If there is something we don’t have in stock or your cannot see in the brochure, please contact us and we will be happy to help further.

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L1392X, L1582X, L1603X, L252, L254, L30127, L30127X, L30252, L30253, L30254, L30552, L30554, L30555, L30556, L30558, L30560, L30563, L30564, L30577, L30578, L30579, L30580, L30582, L30616, L30617, L30620, L30622, L30653, L3077, L3080, L3080X, L429, L430, L431, L432, L942X, L943X, L944X, L945X, L946X, L947X, L948X, L952X, L953X, L954X, L955X, L956X, L957X, L958X


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
L30552Mazak 3.0mm Nozzle
L3055446713300290-10Mazak 1.0mm 3D Nozzle
L3055546713300290-12Mazak 1.2mm 3D Nozzle
L3056046713300280-25Mazak 2.5mm 3D Nozzle
L30578P0352-386-00015Mazak 1.5mm 3D Nozzle
L30579Mazak 1.8mm Nozzle
L3058246713300300-30Mazak 3.0mm Nozzle
L30804660335052CMazak 2.0mm Nozzle
L942X46143304470Mazak 1.2mm CHR Nozzle
L943X46143304450Mazak 1.5mm CHR Nozzle
L944X46143304460Mazak 2.0mm CHR Nozzle
L945X46143304480Mazak 2.5mm CHR Nozzle
L946X46143304490Mazak 3.0mm CHR Nozzle
L947X46143304500Mazak 3.5mm CHR Nozzle
L948X46143304510Mazak 4.0mm CHR Nozzle
L952XMazak 1.2mm Double CHR Nozzle
L954X46143306460Mazak 1.5mm Double CHR Nozzle
L955X46143306480Mazak 2.5mm Double CHR Nozzle
L956X46143306490Mazak 3.0mm Double CHR Nozzle
L957X46143306500Mazak 3.5mm Double CHR Nozzle
L958X46143306510Mazak 4.0mm Double CHR Nozzle
L1392X36143311500Mazak 1.5mm Slim Nozzle
L1582X36143312220Mazak 1.2mm Pencil Nozzle
L1603X36143312300Mazak 1.5mm DBL Pencil Nozzle
L25246603350520Mazak 1.5mm Nozzle
L25446603350522Mazak 2.0mm Nozzle
L301274660335052BMazak 1.5mm Nozzle
L30127X4660335052BMazak 1.5mm CHR Nozzle
L3025246603350520Mazak 1.5mm Nozzle
L3025346603350521Mazak 1.7mm Nozzle
L3025446603350522Mazak 2.0mm Nozzle
L3055646713300290-12Mazak 1.5mm 3D Nozzle
L3055846713300310Mazak 2.0mm 3D Nozzle
L3056346713300280-30Mazak 3.0mm 3D Nozzle
L3056446713300280-35Mazak 3.5mm 3D Nozzle
L3057746713300310Mazak 1.2mm Nozzle
L3058046713300300Mazak 2.0mm 3D Nozzle
L30616Mazak 1.2mm DBL Nozzle
L3061746683302400Mazak 1.5mm DBL Nozzle
L3062046683302390Mazak 2.0mm DBL Nozzle
L3062246683302400Mazak 2.5mm DBL Nozzle
L30653Mazak 3.0mm 3D Nozzle
L307746603350512Mazak 1.2mm Nozzle
L3080X4660335052CMazak 2.0mm CHR Nozzle
L42946683301950Mazak 1.5mm Nozzle
L43046683301821Mazak 2.0mm Nozzle
L43146683301960Mazak 2.5mm Nozzle
L43246683301970Mazak 3.0mm Nozzle
L953X46143306450Mazak 1.5mm DBL Chrome Nozzle