30 October 2020

World Premiere of Shear Genius EVO

Presenting the new Shear Genius EVO – The Heart of the System.

Prima Power Shear Genius, the combined punch-shear system representing the ideal blanking solution for rectangular parts and panels, has further evolved. Compared to the previous model, the new Shear Genius EVO achieves significantly higher output and lower cost per part respecting the means of sustainable fabrication.

Come and join us as we go through the biggest advantages of integrated punching and shearing technology, its possibilities to improve productivity and its ability to grow with your production and automation requirements.

You are welcome to join us in The SHEAR virtual event presenting the new Shear Genius EVO on 5 th November, 2020.

When you want your production to be more competitive and profitable, yet sustainable, Prima Power is the solution.

Please feel free to watch the video below and click HERE to register.  Or contact us and we can register for you.