BCe Smart

Intelligent but affordable servo electric bending cell for semiautomatic, efficient and safe production

Prima Power’s Bending Cell, BCe Smart is developed on the experience of automation in bending technology since 1995 and is built to satisfy a wide range of production needs.

The BCe Smart, with its compact solution, offers a new concept that revolutionizes the traditional press brake bending thanks to an intermediate level of automation.

The operator loads the blank metal sheet and unloads the bent component in a single ergonomic sequence while the machine automates all the bending cycles to guarantee an excellent bending quality thanks to its flexible bending capability.

The bending cell works the edges of panel; generally, the process starts at the external edge of the metal sheet and continues to the inner part of the component by working one side after the other one in sequence until all bends have been completed.

Some BCe Smart benefits
  • Higher productivity thanks to the ergonomic loading operation in a single sequence with the unloading
  • Higher ergonomics thanks to two machine table layouts
  • Full operator safety without physical barriers thanks to the active safety
  • Best modern 2D/3D CAM for easy and reliable programming
  • Ease of use thanks to visual and acoustic warnings that avoid human mistakes
  • Easy loading of the part without manual centring against the reference pins
  • Reduced maintenance costs and energy savings
  • Pre-configured for integration with Industrial Robots
Tech data
Machine type
BCe Smart 2220
Maximum Bend Length
Maximum Bend Height
Bending Force
32 tonne
Clamping Force
52 tonne
Maximum Material Thickness
Mild Steel - 2.5mm full length / 3.0mm for 1900mmStainless Steel - 1.8mm full length / 2.0mm for 1900mmAluminium - 3.5mm full length / 4.0mm for 1900mm
Minimum Material Thickness
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