LH Laser Cutting System

The LH laser cutting system for mid-range sized plates

The LH range of machines from Lead Laser are designed for mid-range plate cutting, from 4m x 2m up to 8m x 2.5m in cutting size.  As with all Lead Laser machines, the design of the structure has been developed with the thought of high powered lasers of up to 20kW attached to the system.

The LH model range utilises a light weight aluminium Y axis gantry to allow high accelaration and re-positioning speeds while also keeping to a very high level of repeatability and positioning tolerances.

The systems also include an automatic transfer table to allow continuous production of these large sized plates.

The LH laser systems also include the full CE rated Class 4 protection cabin.


Some highlights of the LX laser cutting system

  • Integral gantry structure, dual AC servo motor high-speed synchronous drive system
  • Lightweight high-strength aluminum alloy casting beam and Z-axis slide plate, excellent dynamic performance
  • European laser cutting CNC system with special functions for laser cutting
  • German precision linear guide rail, reducer, and helical gear transmission anti-backlash system can obtain high precision, high speed and high stability
  • Centralized lubrication and partition dust removal system to ensure long-term stable operation of the whole machine
  • Mechanical high-speed double exchange workbench
  • Optional cutting quality intelligent control system ICS
  • Four rows of guides are used to fix the beam on the base, which makes the beam more stable when moving at high speed
  • The hydraulic cylinder of the transfer table can lift up to 15 tons of plate, which is 2.5 times higher than a mechanical table. It can meet the requirement of heavy plate cutting of high power laser cutting machine.
Tech data
Machine Type
Sheet Size
LH6025 - 6000mm x 2500mmLH8025 - 8000mm x 2500mm
Laser Power Range
4kW - 20kW
Laser Type
IPG Solid State Diode Fiber
Maximum Positioning Speed
Maximum Accelaration
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