Lead Laser LZ Cutting System

High Quality entry point for companies looking to bring laser cutting in-house

The machine has a robust and rigid design that guarantees repeatable high precision cutting results.

Both the working tables moves in and out of the machine simultaneously, decreasing dramatically the time of the table change cycle and increasing the productivity of the machine. New sheets get faster in and cut sheets get faster out of the machine.

The machine features completely closed cabin and offers safe and ergonomic operation.The large eye-safe windows allow an optimal overview of the entire working area of the machine.

The light-weight bridge assures accurate cutting results even under high-dynamic axis movements.

A long vertical stroke of the cutting head gives additional freedom in the cutting application: pre-formed sheets, tubes, profiles,etc. can easily be put on the cutting table and are in reach of the cutting head.

The machine lay-out is symmetric when it comes to the maintenance access from the sides: either side can be put close to a wall while having all the necessary reach to maintenance points on the opposite site.


Some highlights of the Lead Laser LZ laser cutting system

  • Precitec ProCutter auto focusing cutting head
  • Energy Efficient IPG Photonics solid state diode laser source
  • High quality German running gear
  • Lead Laser suite for HMI giving greater flexbility
  • Dual transfer table
  • Strong and robust structure
Tech data
Machine Type
Sheet Size ( X/Y )
LZ3015 - 3000mm x 1500mmLZ4020 - 4000mm x 2000mmLZ6025 - 6000mm x 2500mm
Laser Power Range
3kW - 6kW
Laser Type
Solid State Diode Laser
Maximum Positioning Speed
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