EMC Italia Flexy M1350

Metal deburring and surface finishing

The EMC Italia Flexy M1350 is designed to work with stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium, and perform the following tasks.

  • Metal part deburring ( ferrous and non ferrous )
  • Edge Rounding ( up to 2mm )
  • Slag removal
  • Oxide removal

Flexy M1350 makes metal deburring, surface finishing and edge rounding of parts very quick and easy by utilising a 10″ touch screen for the operator. Quick, easy to use and intuitive, the touch screen provides information to the operator and can be accessed by our technicians via teleservice module.

Flexy M1350 is available with comes standard with vacuum part support, the option of magnetic support ( for ferrous or non-ferrous materials ) can also be included.

The Flexy M1350 can even be setup and included in a line of other metal deburring and surface finishing machines, and setup for 24/7 production.

Flexy M1350 Standard Features :

  • Between 1-4 groups ( abrasive belt and horizantal brushes )
  • Fixed work table height of 900mm
  • Internal independent motors
  • Inverter for table speed
  • Electronic motorized roller pressure adjustment “Grit Set”
  • Easy to use 10″ touch screen monitor
  • Tele service

Main Options available for the Flexy M1350:

  • Various internal brushes group configuration
  • Optional internal orbital disc groups
  • Internal Planetary discs Group
  • Magnetic work table
  • Vacuum fan inside the machine
  • INDUSTRY 4.0 ready pack