Laser Genius

Prima Power Laser Genius is the laser machine that simplifies your work and improves your profit.


Prima Power Laser Genius has been developed to answer the most challenging expectations. Moreover, Laser Genius combines flexibility and excellent dynamic performance, and high efficiency and accuracy due to the innovative use of materials such as carbon fiber and synthetic granite.

With this in mind, its efficiency is further enhanced by the high-dynamics linear motors to increase productivity up to +15% compared to traditional systems.

The cutting head developed by Prima Power and dedicated optional suites (SMART Cut, MAX Cut, and NIGHT Cut) further optimize the laser cutting process for each application.

Laser Genius is equipped with the new CF series fiber laser generator by Prima Power, truly combining all advantages of a sole supplier.

In addition, the following software suites add value to the Laser Genius fiber laser system by providing a flexible, reliable, and high-performing fiber laser system. Based on a tried and tested platform in thousands of installations across the globe.



Prima Power Laser Genius smart software technology


SMART Cut, for fast cutting of thin sheets (up to 5 mm), as a result, a reduction in cycle times of up to 30%






MAX Cut; Fast laser cutting and processing of medium-high thickness sheets. Consequently, it is possible to reduce processing times up to 40%






NIGHT Cut; developed for intensive production, therefore granting higher piercing and cutting process safety.






Laser Genius is available with 2 protection cabin versions:

LEAN; compact, quicker to install, and therefore, more economical.
OPEN, as a result, allows greater accessibility and visibility of the work area with front, lateral, and roof openings.

Furthermore, a wide range of automating raw and processed sheet flow modules are available to answer customer’s expectations. In addition, it gives the possibility to increase the system when the production needs vary over time. For example, the customer can add a Compact Server or Combo Tower later, therefore automating the loading/unloading of raw material and finished parts. In other words, this notably reduces the need for intervention from an operator.


Highlights of the Prima Power Laser Genius

The Laser Genius includes a unique laser machine architecture, including carbon fiber and synthetic granite, including a high amount of cutting area accessibility and ergonomics due to the compact machine design.

Laser Genius supplied standard with linear motors for the main machine axes hence superior dynamic performance and accuracy.

Cutting head with adaptive collimator; Therefore, high performance for all materials and thicknesses.

SMART Cut, MAX Cut, NIGHT Cut technology better fits the laser machine to the customer application.

The optical chain is completely sealed and protected from any contamination, therefore reducing downtime.

Laser Genius includes the Prima Power Safe Impact Protection System (SIPS) to protect the machine head in a crash.

Quick alignment system (OPC), as a result offering reduced setup time.

Automatic nozzle changer with a wide range of nozzles, therefore reducing setup and downtime.

Available with high-efficiency fiber laser from 2kW to 10kW; over 30% wall-plug efficiency, low maintenance, and consumables.

Laser Genius supplied with the new CF series fiber laser generator developed and manufactured by Prima Power.

User-friendly proprietary CNC with 17” LCD touch screen and trackball

Smart process sensors developed by Prima Power for optimal control of the laser cutting process

Easy and fast off-line programming with NC Express e3 CAD/CAM system.

Available with a wide range of modules to automate loading, unloading, storage, sorting, and stacking connection to Prima Power Night Train FMS© available.

Tech data
Machine Type
Laser Genius LG1530Laser Genius LG2040
Cutting Table Size
LG1530 - 3050mm x 1525mmLG2040 - 4050mm x 2025mm
Laser Power Range
3kW - 10kW
Laser Type
Solid State Diode Laser
Maximum Positioning Speed
***Combined Area240m/min
***Over Complete Stroke0.03mm
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