Combi Genius

Prima Power Combi Genius turret punch with fiber laser cutting cell introduces a new generation of servo-electric technology. Enhanced productivity is complemented by a totally new industrial design

Prima Power punch laser combination, the Combi Genius is a world-leading punch laser combination machine. In fact, the Combi Genius punch laser combination is provided with an energy-efficient fiber laser and servo-electric punching, making it the most efficient machine available.

The Combi Genius punch laser combination provides fast nibbling speeds and the possibility of using low ram speeds when using forming tools or reducing noise levels with large-diameter tools. Furthermore, the fully programmable stroke length, in particular, provides various options in forming operations, such as louvers, extrusions, and even bending.


Robust O-frame


The punch press has a closed “O” frame referred to as a “bridge frame.” Because of the matched turret plates and the “O” frame design, the punch and die alignment is exceptional, resulting in a much longer tool lifetime. The frame is a welded box-type design that is annealed and then machined to the highest standards. The advantages of the Prima Power frame design are that the one-piece construction “O” frame eliminates flexing and yawing of the frame during punching and any angular deflection between the punch and the die. The bottom line of this frame design is longer tool life, better hole quality, and superior component accuracy.


Prima Power Fiber Laser


The optimized cutting head, collimator, delivery fiber, and cutting parameters guarantee the highest cutting quality and speed for the Prima Power combi machine in the market. The high-quality and powerful fiber laser is available with the Prima Power CF resonator with either 3kW or 4kW.


Prima Power Punch Laser, Combi Genius highlights

  • User-Friendly Easy Loading – Manual loading can be completed from either the A-side or B-side, or entirely automated by using optional modular automation cells.
  • Available in 2 performance packages.
    • PURE meets all the targets set for an attractively priced, yet efficient production machine.
    • DYNAMIC offers the best productivity and performance in the market. Both models come with the latest features and the whole range of Prima Power options.
  • Efficient servo-electric punching and fiber laser, therefore around 60% cheaper than other technology.
  • Choose from Prima Powers own CF3000 ( 3kW ) or CF4000 ( 4kW ) solid-state fiber laser
  • Completely modular automation modules available
  • Up to 30T of punching force
Tech data
machine type
sheet size ( X / Y )
CG1225 - 2530mm x 1270mmCG1530 - 3050mm x 1565mmCG1540 - 4050mm x 1565mm
Punching Force Tonnage
17, 23 or 30 tonne
punching stroke
Servo Electric Motors
Tooling Capacity
Up to 384 at a time
Up to 4 clamps with CNC Programmable movement
Laser Source
Prima Electro CF Fiber Laser
Laser Power
CF3000 ( 3kW ) or CF4000 ( 4kW )
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