Prima Power PunchBend is a new solution for automatic fabrication of high-quality, ready-bent components from cut to size material.

Prima Power PunchBend – from cut to size material to ready-bent components

essential characteristic of PunchBend is tight integration of everything that is needed: software, work stages and material handling. Operation is fast since both loading and tool change are fast.

The versatile, high-end Prima Power punching technology is servo-electric. It features fast set-ups, ease of operation and high capacity. In addition to high-performance punching, outstandingly accurate forming capacity is available. High repeatability facilitates forming, roll forming, marking etc. and shortens set-up times.

Also automatic bending technology is servo-electric. High bending quality and accuracy are achieved through precise control of bending axes, fast and smooth bending, open programmability, and the fact that the construction is immune to changes in thermal conditions. Automatic tool change is available as option.

The PunchBend process is fully automatic:

  • Cut to size material is loaded to punching unit, automatic clamp settings is simultaneous
  • Material is processed (punching, forming, etc.) with punching unit
  • Processed part is picked up to bending unit and prepared for bending process; new material is loaded to punching unit
  • Part is processed by bending unit; the next sheet is punched simultaneously
  • Removal of ready-bent component

For a variety of applications

  • Applications vary, and the solution to meet to requirements can be found using special tooling and flexible bending technologies. 
  • Productivity of the process is optimized according to the time needed for punching and bending. 
  • Versatility of the PunchBend solution can be increased with available options. With UDC and LT options it is possible to run the punching unit and bending unit separately, allowing nest sheet production with the punching unit and the possibility of running external parts with the bending unit. 
  • Further, more material addresses can be added using different types or storage connections, and unmanned process time extended with automatic unloading and stacking systems.