Shear Brilliance

Shear Brilliance combines the productive principle of integrated punching and right angle shearing with the astonishing performance made possible by modern linear technology

Integrated punching-shearing concept has been championed by Prima Power since 1987 and more than 2,000 integrated punching-shearing cells have been installed all over the world. The inherent benefits of the process have translated into superior manufacturing economy in most varied applications where Shear Genius® and Shear Brilliance are used as independent cells or as key units of larger manufacturing systems

The completely servo-electric Shear Brilliance features linear drive technology in sheet positioning and raises manufacturing speed and productivity up to a new level compared to current SGe. With long travel (X = 4,070 mm, Y = 1,640 mm) of the coordinate table full working area can be used without repositioning, accurately and at great speed. The sheets are pre-positioned during machine operation, which reduces loading time dramatically


Some highlights of the SBe6

  • Loading in hidden time – more production time available
  • Hit speeds up to 1,300 hpm – fastest hit rate available in the market for fabricating full format sheets
  • 3,100 mm common working area – punching and shearing without repositioning
  • More force ( up to 33 ton ) – Complicated contours with one hit
  • High tooling capacity – huge savings in set-up times, flexibility in production
  • Supreme positioning speed, accuracy and precision – Time savings and improved quality during processing
  • Robust and well proven ‘O’ frame which allows perfect tool alignment over a long period of time
Tech data
Machine Type
Sheet Size
3100mm x 1565mm
Punching Force Tonnage
35 tonne
Punching Stroke
Servo Electric
Tooling Capacity
Up to 192 in one setup
Up to 4 clamps with CNC Programmable movement
Right Angle Shear
Maximum Material Thickness
3mm Stainless Steel4mm Mild Steel5mm Aluminium
Stroke of Shear
1000mm x 1528mm
Blade Clearance
Automatic depending on material thickness
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