Shear Genius EVO

Prima Power Shear Genius EVO is the world leading fabricating solution based on integrated punching and shearing, automatic loading and component exit.

The Prima Power Shear Genius EVO philosophy is to provide one machine capable of transforming parts to final production stages without the need for secondary operations for costly material handling between loading, punching, shearing, sorting and unloading. Shear Genius concept saves material, decreases necessary floor space and investment in separate machine tools, tooling and energy.

Today, right angle shear technology is used throughout the industrial world in most varied applications like panels, doors, HVAC, cabinets etc., also in independent production cells, or as central units within automatic material handling systems up to a factory-wide FMS level.


Some highlights of the SG Shear Genius

  • Fast setup with up to 384 tools in the turret at the same time
  • Up to 300 kN ( 30 ton ) punching force for demanding products
  • Lowest energy consumption on the market – average power consumption 6 kVA / 5 kW
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High versatility
  • Wide range of options can also be installed later as machine upgrades
  • No skeletons, less punching scrap = savings in raw material
Tech data
Machine Type
Sheet Size ( X / Y )
SG1530 - 3000mm x 1500mmSG1540 - 4300mm x 1500mm
Punching Force Tonnage
23 or 30 tonne
Punching Stroke
Servo Electric Motors
Tooling Capacity
Up to 384 in a single setup
Up to 4 clamps with CNC Programmable movement
Right Angle Shear
Maximum material thickness
3mm Stainless Steel4mm Mild Steel5mm Aluminium
Stroke of Shear
1000mm x 1538mm
Blade Clearance
Automatic depending on material thickness
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