Automation and Storage

  • Night Train Brilliance

    Night Train FMS® is a comprehensive solution for a sheet-metal working factory designed for automatic operation, whose basic equipment is an automatic storage.

  • COMBO storage

    Combo Tower

    Combo Tower is a flexible storage solution to automating the material flows.

  • Combo-Tower-Laser-2blocks-with-LG1530

    Combo Tower Laser

    Combo Tower Laser is a flexible storage system with integrated loading and unloading features for 2D lasers.

  • Night-Train-Genius

    Night Train Genius

    Night Train FMS® automates the material and information systems of a production facility and combines individual manufacturing stages into a single flexible process.

  • Compact-Server

    Compact Server

    Smallest footprint automation on the market

  • Loading & Stacking Robot

    LST Loading and Stacking System

    Material Loading and Part Stacking

  • Loading & Sorting Robot

    LSR Loading and Sorting

    The loading, unloading and stacking robot LSR is a material and part handling robot that can be integrated into the Combi Laser fiber laser punch combination.