Laser Cutting Machines

IMTS Machinery are the only supplier of Prima Power machinery throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Prima Power’s range of fiber laser machines include energy efficient 2D and 3D models to cover the complete diversity of customer requirements.

  • Platino Fiber Evolution

    Platino Fiber - Best Quality and Speed Without Compromises.

  • Laser Genius

    Increased Capabilities With Use of Innovative Materials

  • Laser Sharp

    Laser Sharp - Productivity in medium and large size sheet metal cutting.

  • Platino Evolution Co2

    Absolute Workhorse Laser System

  • Laser Next 3D

    Laser Next, the world’s fastest 3D laser machine, is now available in a bigger size

  • Rapido 3D Laser

    Rapido 3D

    The latest generation of RAPIDO® is a highly effective answer to this modern laser system challenges.