Automatic Panel Benders

Prima Power Panel Benders have been the world-leading panel bending technology for over 30 years.

Sheet metal manufacturing companies have faced a substantial rise in production, together with an increasing demand for precision. The market has become more and more competitive: the goal is to optimize the cost and consumption of machines while enhancing accuracy.

The best solution is a transition from hydraulic to servo-electric technology.
Prima Power has been one of the first companies to introduce servo-electric technology to its Panel Benders, replacing hydraulic technology. It happened in 1998, 20 years ago.

In addition, easy and automatic programming and excellent accuracy have now eliminated waste production. The result was outstanding: accurate sheet metal components at a lower cost.

  • Prima Power BCe panel bender

    BCe Panel Bender

    Prima Power BCe Panel-Bender includes servo-electric motors and semi-automatic material handling.

  • Fast Bend

    FBe Fast Bend

    Highly flexible, efficient, productive and user-friendly servo-electric panel bending solution

  • EBe Express Bend

    Servo-electric technology for better bending and improved operation economy

  • BCe Smart

    Intelligent but affordable servo electric bending cell for semiautomatic, efficient and safe production