Fiber Laser Machines

Designed for the highest performance, even in harsh cutting environments, Prima Power Fiber Laser machines are the best choice. They include a large range of machines to suit all customer needs.

High productivity and high flexibility are our keywords. Developed based on a variety of customer needs, Prima Power has a laser machine to suit all customer requirements. Quality systems guarantee the highest standards and the ideal solutions for mass production and small batches where high flexibility is required.

As a result, the possibilities are endless. In fact, by choosing a suitable machine and power, we combine flexibility with increased productivity. Therefore, customers achieve the best results through flexible and modular fiber laser cutting systems.

  • Laser Genius+

    Prima Power Laser Genius-Plus begins a new era of 2D laser cutting. High dynamics and a greater level of accuracy are just the starts of the benefits the LG+ offers its users.

  • Laser Genius

    Prima Power Laser Genius is the laser machine that simplifies your work and improves your profit.

  • Platino Fiber Evo

    Platino Fiber Laser System - Best quality and speed without compromise.

  • Laser Sharp

    Laser Sharp - Productivity in medium and large size sheet metal cutting.

  • Laser Next 3D

    Laser Next, the world’s fastest 3D laser machine, is now available in a bigger size

  • Rapido 3D Laser

    Rapido 3D

    The latest generation of RAPIDO® is a highly effective answer to this modern laser system challenges.

  • Platino Evolution Co2

    Absolute Workhorse Laser System