Product Upgrades

IMTS Machinery can provide product upgrades for Finn Power and Prima Power systems tailored to the customer requirements.

As technology changes, so can your machine!  Modern sheet metal working machines can be upgraded with new features and functions during their lifetime to help improve their performance.

Prima Power’s modular engineering philosophy allows many solutions for improving the performance and versatility and for increasing the automation level. Therefore, when new capabilities are added to the technology in use, the machine could cope with more tasks and offer increased productivity. IMTS can offer existing Finn Power and Prima Power product users upgrades to their existing machinery.

Tailored Options

Tailored options are those which were not available at the time when machine was purchased. There could be a situation that machine owner would like to have a certain modification to the existing system but Prima Power does not have this option as a standard one. If such a situation occured, Prima Power could deliver a tailored option for the customer as per their request.

Standard options

Standard options are options that the customer is able to select when they are negotiating a new machine purchase.


Replacing existing machinery with a new system is not the only possibility available.  IMTS Machinery can provide upgrades to the machines with more modern capabilities. The modularity of the Prima Power product range often allows upgrading of a machine or manufacturing systems years after the original delivery.