Master Bendcam

Master Bendcam

Highly intuitive 3D Bending Software

Master BendCam programming system is a user-friendly, integrated tool for managing Prima Power Panel Benders through interactive graphical techniques in an efficient way. It is designed to meet maximum positive impact on manufacturing flexibility and efficiency.

The system may be used as a single part drafting and tooling program, or as a fully-automated machine tool management system. It simulates the working process in a real manner and generates programs with a greater degree of automation.

Benefits of Master Bendcam

  • Collision checking between parts and tooling
  • Realistic 3D simulation
  • Easy to manage tool positioning with visible support
  • Programming of complete bend process in teach mode
  • Import directly from customer 3D software with support for multiple file types ( IGES, STEP, SAT, STL or a dxf )