Ceramics and Consumables from IMTS Machinery

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IMTS Machinery stock a huge range of laser system ceramics and consumables, ready for overnight shipping direct to you.

You can download the brochure for your machine in the nozzles section of our website, then search for the part number in the below list.

If there is something you cannot see in the brochure, please contact us and we will be happy to help further.

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General Consumables

AL10, AL102, AL103, AL107, AL108, AL109, AL11, AL111, AL118, AL12, AL122, AL123, AL124, AL125, AL126, AL130/S, AL131, AL132, AL133, AL14, AL149, AL15, AL152, AL153, AL16, AL160, AL17, AL172, AL173, AL174, AL188, AL200, AL201, AL202, AL204, AL206, AL208, AL209, AL212, AL213, AL214, AL215, AL216, AL218, AL23, AL230, AL242, AL246, AL248, AL25, AL257, AL258, AL260, AL277, AL278, AL279, AL280, AL284, AL285, AL286, AL289, AL290, AL291, AL298, AL300, AL311, AL322, AL331, AL347, AL349, AL350, AL355, AL358, AL36, AL360, AL362, AL363, AL377, AL389, AL40, AL400, AL405, AL41, AL412, AL42, AL423, AL425, AL44, AL450, AL47, AL60, AL70, AL73, AL74, AL75, AL77, AL77, AL78, AL79, AL81, AL82, AL83, AL84, AL94, AL97, AL99


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
AL8346683301100Mazak Copper Nut
AL8446683301070Mazak Brass Base
AL94Amada O Ring
AL97Mazak O Ring
AL993140820Bystronic Lens O Ring
AL257P0360-155-00500Mazak Electrode Cable
AL2583-13110Bystronic Copper Shield
AL26071398965Amada Connector Cable
AL27746683301120Mazak Ceramic
AL27846683301130Mazak Ceramic Spacer 24x4
AL27946683301090Mazak Ceramic Spacer 30x4
AL28046683301090Mazak Ceramic Spacer 27x5.5
AL28446143300240Mazak Ceramic Spacer 40x5
AL28546143300260CMazak Ceramic Spacer 40x4
AL28646143300270Mazak Insulator Spacer 38x5.5
AL298P0497-68871Precitec KT1.5" DXN Ceramic
AL3002-06511Bystronic Brush Assy
AL32246183301180Mazak Screw Hex Drive
AL347955826Trumpf Black Teflon Cap
AL355P0571-1051-00001Precitec Ceramic ( Original )
AL35846743300181Sensor Cable 325mm
AL36071712350Amada Adaptor with Holes
AL36336143310740Mazak Nozzle Adaptor Long
AL400258809Trumpf Ceramic
AL417023207Teflon Cover
AL412936678Trumpf Ceramic 936678
AL4271639819Amada Disk Protection 32mm
AL42310032930Bystronic Nozzle Body
AL42510032930Bystronic Insulating Ring
AL45010034061Bystronic Nozzle Body
AL6036602300560Mazak Stylus Arm
AL70234485Trumpf Breakaway Plate
AL7546683300850Mazak Copper Nozzle Body
AL1046602350080Mazak Stylus Brass Foot
AL10346683301980Mazak Cable
AL10762094006-ringAmada 16mm Head Disc
AL108260432Trumpf Ceramic
AL1146603350510Mazak Brass Body
AL11146683301930Mazak Teflon Nozzle Cover
AL11846683301841Mazak Nozzle Cover
AL1236602300230Mazak Breakaway Bar
AL12271341614Amada Vespal Ring 20mm
AL12371341614Amada Ceramic Disc 22mm
AL1254-01642Bystronic Ceramic 4-01642
AL1264-09010Bystronic Ceramic 4-09010
AL130/S281146Precitec Nozzle Holder M1.5 DZ
AL131281330Precitec KTB2" Ceramic
AL132Mazak Brass Stylus Foot
AL1436682300280Mazak Breakaway Bar L60
AL14971361393Amada Gasket 2" Lens Housing
AL1646572301045Mazak PTFE Stylus Foot
AL16046713300321Mazak Vespel Nut
AL1746572301041 Mazak Brass Stylus Foot H12
AL1722-08701Bystronic Nozzle Body 2-08701
AL1732-08700Bystronic Signboard 2-08700
AL1743-11071Bystronic Fastening Nut 3-11071
71341630Amada Sensor Cable
AL201P0492-702-00002Precitec Insulating Ring
AL204P0360-100-00500Precitec (LVD) Sensor Cable
AL2083-09001Bystronic Cross Jet Screw
AL2094-04976Bystronic Knurled Screw
AL212936678Trumpf Nozzle Holder
AL21346683301171Mazak Connector Assembly
AL2142-10837Bystronic Nozzle Body 2-10837
AL2153-13113Bystronic Insulating Ring 3-13113
AL2163-13422Bystronic Ins Ring with holes
AL21846713330200Mazak Insulating Ring
AL23P0571-260-00001Precitec Ceramic KTB2"
AL2304-01959Bystronic Ceramic Cone 4-01959
AL24236143304420Mazak Nozzle Body HG
AL24871502036Amada Nozzle Adaptor
AL254-03136Bystronic Knurled Screw 4-03136