NC Express

NC Express

Programming and Nesting software

NC Express e3 programming system is a user friendly, integrated and automated tool for managing Prima Power equipment in the most efficient manner.

NC Express e3 is a scalable application – the system may be used as a single part drafting and tooling program or as a fully automatic machine tool programming system. Either way the results are the same optimized automatic NC-code creation.

NC Express e3 is part of Prima Power software family designed to work seamlessly together with Prima Power machines and Tulus® Office software


Some highlights of NC Express

  • Flexibility – from manual part preparation and manual nesting to fully automatic processing
  • Support for all technologies – unfolding, laser cutting, punching, shearing and robot pickup all in one package
  • Commitment – commitment to support customer production from consultation, training and support to customization
  • Complete solution – developed for Prima Power machines, proven and tested for Prima Power machines, supported by Prima Power