Panel Benders

Prima Power Panel Benders are the world leading bending technology and have been for over 30 years.

With panel benders, the bending work is done by the blades, while the sheet clamp holds the sheet in place during the operation. The blades can then perform different types of folds, positive or negative, starting with the outermost folds before automatically executing the sequence towards the innermost fold. These movements are controlled by electric servo drives that guarantee maximum positioning accuracy in the bending trajectory, thus ensuring an optimal result.

Choose the perfect Panel Bender for you

A wide range of bending solutions to meet all the different production requirements. Prima Power’s Panel Bender range offers extremely flexible solutions, with servo-electric semi-automatic or fully automatic machines configured as stand-alone cells or multi-technology lines.

  • Prima Power BCe panel bender

    BCe Panel Bender

    Prima Power BCe Panel-Bender includes servo-electric motors and semi-automatic material handling.

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  • Fast Bend panel bender

    Fast Bend Panel Bender

    Fast Bend Panel Bender is a highly flexible, efficient, productive, and user-friendly servo-electric panel bending solution

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  • Express Bend Panel Bender

    Express Bend Panel Bender servo-electric technology for better bending and improved operation economy

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  • BCe Smart

    Intelligent but affordable servo electric bending cell for semiautomatic, efficient and safe production

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