Deburring & Edge Rounding Machines

EMC Italia develops grinding, deburring, and edge rounding machinery designed for ease of use and to reduce manual labour for laser or plasma cut parts.

The machines produce a high-quality finish on materials such as; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass.

With a range of table widths from 650mm up to 1650mm, the EMC range will easily cover different customer requirements.

  • EMC Oxy 5D

    Oxy Series

    Small in size but high in speed.
    Compact and versatile, the EMC Italia Oxy is a deburring and edge-rounding machine designed to replace manual labour.

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  • EMC Flexy M1350

    Flexy Series

    Flexy is ideal for deburring, edge rounding and removing scale on various types of material.

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  • Deburring and edge rounding

    Giant Series

    Giant is largest deburring and edge rounding machine on the market and thanks to its structure it can be equipped with 1 to 4 units (or more). Due to multiple configurations, it is ideal for satin finishing, deburring, edge grinding and removing scale on any type of material.

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