Protection Windows

Protective Windows for Fiber Lasers from IMTS Machinery

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Protective windows are essentially the only optic consumables in fiber laser systems. This optics are also known as cover glass, debris window and cover slide and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Focusing lenses in fiber laser cutting head are very sensitive to any type of contamination. This is one of the main reasons for poor laser performance and potential downtime of laser operations.

No laser system is perfect and some debris, fume or backspatter can occasionally reach the lens. This situation occurs for many high power laser systems, including fiber lasers.

For this reason, fiber laser manufacturers install protective windows to protect the focusing lens from contamination. The protective window is positioned below the focusing lens and is a barrier between the lens and the sheet.

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5020210, 5175787, 5340219, 5015394, 5225851, 797.50.020


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
Protective Windows
797.50.020797.50.020Prima Window 36mm Dia x 7mm
Protective Windows
50202101057.81000.089Prima Window 35mm Dia x 1.5mm
Protective Windows
5175787Prima Window 36mm Dia x 4.95mm
Protective Windows
53402191057.81000.058Prima Window 30mm Dia x 1.5mm
Protective Windows
52258510766719Trumpf Window 30mm Dia x 5mm
Protective Windows
50153941614767Trumpf Window 34mm Dia x 5mm