Turret Punch Tooling

Turret punch tooling from PASS Stanztechnik AG. The use of powdered steel as standard gives your tooling a 30% increase in tool life when compared to tool steel.

Turret punch tooling from PASS Stanztechnik AG.  IMTS Machinery can offer turret punch tooling for Prima Power machinery, along with other manufacturers including Trumpf, Amada, Salvagnini, LVD, among others.

PASS Stanztechnik AG tooling is made standard with HPM® powdered steel, not tool steel. Powdered steel is known to have a longer tool life than tool steel, tests have shown an up to 30% longer lifetime compared to other brands on the market. Other manufacturers offer powdered steel as an option for their punches, PASS Stanztechnik AG offers it as standard.

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Turret punch tooling from PASS Stanztechnik AG is produced according to a very high and sophisticated technical standard with the following features –

  • The punch body is made of HPM® powdered steel and produced with soft head to prevent breakage.
  • HPM powdered steel has an approximately 30% longer lifetime than tool steel
  • Strippers produced from highly tempered steel and nitrogen hardened
  • Dies are standard with slug stop (except part production or on customer’s request). In special cases, PASS can produce dies with slug-snap features.
  • As an option, punches can be coated with TICN coating for working with Stainless Steel, A-Max coating for Aluminium, or T-Max coating for galvanized/zinc sheets.
  • To further increase tool life, PASS can sharpen the punches.