Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The questions we pose as entrepreneurs and managers are concerned with improving the productivity of our plants. Industry 4.0 is the intelligence in which we find the answers.

Digital technology applied to industry can provide many answers through tools and methods that define a SMART plant. Prima Power applies the Industry 4.0 principles by adding four vital elements to the production: CONNECTIVITY, BIG DATA, ACCESSIBILITY AND INTELLIGENCE.


1 – Connectivity

The machines become “perceptive”: They are able to control the environment and production processes through sensors, actuators, cameras and software, connected to the network and run by a central software. This is the Internet of Things (IoT


2 – Big Data

The machines are able to gather an enormous amount of production data, leading to efficiency gains and anomaly detection. In this way, Big Data mirrors the production processes


3 – Accesibility

Big data collected by machines are sent to the Cloud and can be used by all company levels, from management to operations. Remote data accessibility allows Prima Power operators – in agreement with customers – to carry out maintenance operations in a very short time, with a considerable reduction in downtime


4 – Intelligence

The data shared and collected on the Cloud is processed by software that can monitor production processes and solve problems almost in real time. The resulting knowledge makes it possible to predict potential malfunctions and the relative maintenance interventions



Convenient remote monitoring of the factory
With Tulus® MUPS Mobile Information System you can always check the status of your production wherever you are

Maximising Sheet Utilisation
Cad/Cam NC Express e3 is a part of Prima Power software family. It can search for the best suitable sheet size, determine coil cut lengths and nest parts automatically common line for punching, laser and shearing machines

User Friendly Human Machine Interface
With Prima Power software you can interact in an easy and friendly way through touch screen or a tablet

Manufacturing Execution System
Tulus® Power Processing is a flexible Manufacturing Execution System (MES). With Tulus® Power Processing you can control the whole production process from order management, programming and machine time scheduling all the way to the finished product and reporting



Improving operational efficiency
Thanks to the analysis of machine condition and performance, we know in advance when a machine needs an update or when a visit to the customer is necessary……

Saving time and money for customers
In case of unexpected alarms, thanks to Remote Diagnostics, a technician does not always have to visit the site

Reducing machine downtime
Fixing a machine remotely, it can be back running in a few hours

Security policy ensuring data privacy
Remote diagnostic access is allowed only to selected and authorized people. Safe and secure level access policy is granted