Amada® Consumables

Amada® Consumables from IMTS Machinery

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IMTS Machinery stock a huge range of Amada® nozzles and consumables, ready for overnight shipping direct to your door.

Download the brochure for Amada® machines by clicking on the link below.

Amada Consumables

If there is something we don’t have in stock or your cannot see in the brochure, please contact us and we will be happy to help further.

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L1029X, L1037X, L1285X, L1287X, L138X, L1405X, L1407X, L1412X, L1416X, L1422X, L194X, L29X, L30138X, L30172X, L30173X, L30174X, L30196X, L30203X, L3027X, L3028X, L30339X, L3086X, L315X, L316X, L317X, L326X, L391X, L392X, L39X, L569X, L574X, L583X, L584X, L585X, L586X, L588X, L592X, L594X, L595X, L596X, L780X, L86X, L91X


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
L1029XAmada 1.2mm Chrome Nozzle
L1037XAmada 4mm Nozzle with 2mm inner
L1285XAmada 2.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L1287XAmada 3.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L138X1664645UAmada 3.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L1405X71516790Amada 4.0mm DBL Eco Cut Chrome Nozzle
L1407X71502037Amada 1.2mm Eco Cut Chrome Nozzle
L1412X71501057Amada 2.0mm Eco Cut Chrome Nozzle
L1416X71341728Amada 4.0mm Clean Cut DBL Chrome Nozzle
L1422X71502043Amada 2.0mm Clean Cut Chrome Nozzle
L194XAmada 1.5mm Chrome Nozzle
L29X71101901Amada 2.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L30138X1664645UAmada 3.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L30172XAmada 1.25mm Chrome Nozzle
L30173X62094006Amada 1.5mm Chrome Nozzle
L30174XAmada 1.75mm Chrome Nozzle
L30196XAmada 2.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L30203X1664545UAmada 2.5mm Chrome Nozzle
L3027X62094006Amada 2.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L3028X62094008Amada 3.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L30339XAmada 4.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L3086X1664545UAmada 1.5mm Chrome Nozzle
L315X1669864Amada 2.0mm DBL Chrome Nozzle
L316X1669864Amada 2.5mm DBL Chrome Nozzle
L317X1669864Amada 3.0mm DBL Chrome Nozzle
L326XAmada 3.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L391X1669864Amada 1.5mm DBL Chrome Nozzle
L392X1669864Amada 1.2mm DBL Chrome Nozzle
L39X74712001Amada 2.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L569XAmada 6.0mm DBL Chrome Nozzle
L574X1572361Amada 1.7mm CHR Double Nozzle
L583X1572361Amada 5.0mm CHR Double Nozzle
L584X71515394Amada 2.5mm CHR Double Nozzle
L585X1572361Amada 1.2mm CHR Double Nozzle
L586X71369813Amada 1.4mm CHR Double Nozzle
L588X1572361Amada 3.0mm CHR Double Nozzle
L592X71369812Amada 1.2mm CHR Nozzle
L594X71515392Amada 2.0mm CHR Nozzle
L595X71515393Amada 3.0mm CHR Nozzle
L596X1572362Amada 4.0mm CHR Nozzle
L780XAmada 1.8mm CHR Double Nozzle
L86X1664545UAmada 1.5mm CHR Nozzle
L91X71101902Amada 1.5mm CHR Nozzle