Trumpf® Consumables

Trumpf® Consumables from IMTS Machinery

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IMTS Machinery stock a huge range of Trumpf® nozzles and consumables, ready for overnight shipping direct to your door.

Download the brochure for Trumpf®  machines by clicking on the link below.

Trumpf Consumables

If there is something we don’t have in stock or your cannot see in the brochure, please contact us and we will be happy to help further.

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L3018, L3018X, L3019, L3019X, L3020, L3020X, L3021, L3021X, L3024, L3024X, L3025, L3025X, L3026, L3026X, L30360, L30360X, L30361, L30361X, L3076, L3076X, L1886, L1990, L1992, L1993, L2243, L501270, L501272, L501273, L501275, L501276, L501277, L501278, L501279


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
L3018124561, 237499Trumpf 0.8mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3018X352280Trumpf 0.8mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L3019124562, 237498Trumpf 1.0mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3019X352281Trumpf 1.0mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L3020237497Trumpf 1.4mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3020X352283Trumpf 1.4mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L3021237501Trumpf 1.7mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3021X352284Trumpf 1.7mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L3024237503, 1253211Trumpf 2.0mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3024XTrumpf 2.0mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L3025237504Trumpf 3.0mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3025X237504Trumpf 3.0mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L3026237500Trumpf 1.5mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3026X352288Trumpf 1.5mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L30360942742Trumpf 2.7mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L30360X352286Trumpf 2.7mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L30361966809Trumpf 1.2mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L30361X352282Trumpf 1.2mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L3076126933Trumpf 2.3mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L3076X352285Trumpf 2.3mm Chrome Nozzle - 10 pack
L18861809421Trumpf EAQ 7.5mm Nozzle
L19901879940Trumpf EGL 1.4mm Nozzle
L19921879951Trumpf EGL 1.7mm Nozzle
L19931879952Trumpf EGL 2.0mm Nozzle
L22431835747Trumpf EAK 4.0mm Nozzle
L5012701324858Trumpf EAA 0.8mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L5012721324860Trumpf EAA 1.0mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L5012731324861Trumpf EAA 1.2mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L5012751324863Trumpf EAA 1.4mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L5012761324864Trumpf EAA 1.7mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L5012771324865Trumpf EAA 2.0mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L5012781324866Trumpf EAA 2.3mm Nozzle - 10 pack
L5012791324867Trumpf EAA 2.3mm Nozzle - 10 pack