Prima Power® Consumables

Prima Power® Consumables from IMTS Machinery

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IMTS Machinery stock a huge range of Prima Power® nozzles and consumables, ready for overnight shipping direct to you.

Download the brochure for Prima Power® machines by clicking on the link below.

Prima Power Consumables

If there is something we don’t have in stock or your cannot see in the brochure, please contact us and we will be happy to help further.

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L901X, L902X, L903X, L904X, L906X, L1167X, L1168X, L1169X, L1170X, L1430X, L1431X, L1432X, L1433X, L1435X, L1437X, L1438X, L1442X, L1443X, L1444X, L1445X, L1447X, L1449X, L1463X, L1478X, 1058.36520.720, 783.10.504, LW6.59.121


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
Prima® Laser Consumables
LW6.59.121LW6.59.121Prima Platino Nozzle Insulator
783.10.504783.10.504Prima Fender Cone
1058.36520.7201058.36520.720Prima Lens Holder O Ring
L1430XLW6.1G.662Prima 1.25mm ATC Chrome Nozzle
L1431XLW6.1G.663Prima 1.50mm ATC Chrome Nozzle
L1432XLW6.1G.664Prima 1.75mm ATC Chrome Nozzle
L1433XLW6.1G.665Prima 2.00mm ATC Chrome Nozzle
L1435XLW6.1G.667Prima 2.50mm ATC Chrome Nozzle
L1437XLW6.1G.669Prima 3.00mm ATC Chrome Nozzle
L1438XLW6.1G.670Prima 3.50mm ATC Chrome Nozzle
L1442XLW6.1G.682Prima 1.25mm ATC Double Nozzle
L1443XLW6.1G.683Prima 1.50mm ATC Double Nozzle
L1444XLW6.1G.684Prima 1.75mm ATC Double Nozzle
L1445XLW6.1G.685Prima 2.00mm ATC Double Nozzle
L1447XLW6.1G.687Prima 2.50mm ATC Double Nozzle
L1449XLW6.1G.689Prima 3.00mm ATC Double Nozzle
L1463XLW6.1G.801Prima 3.50mm ATC Double Nozzle
L901X1059.70000.004Prima 1.5mm Chrome Double Nozzle
L902X1059.70000.005Prima 2.0mm Chrome Double Nozzle
L903X1059.70000.006Prima 2.5mm Chrome Double Nozzle
L904X1059.70000.007Prima 3.0mm Chrome Double Nozzle
L906X1059.70000.008Prima 1.75mm Chrome Double Nozzle
L1167XLW6.1G.663Prima 1.5mm Chrome Nozzle
L1168XLW6.1G.665Prima 2.0mm Chrome Nozzle
L1169XLW6.1G.667Prima 2.5mm Chrome Nozzle
L1170XLW6.1G.669Prima 3.0mm Chrome Nozzle