Compact Server

Smallest footprint automation on the market

Compact Server is the highly compact, modular and reliable system for the automatic loading of raw materials and unloading of processed parts.

Compact Server has virtually no footprint. All its components are in fact over the automatic pallet exchanger and consequently require no additional floorspace.

The loading / unloading system is directly controlled by the machine CNC. The benefits of this solutions are: reliability, compactness, ease of management of the loading / unloading operations.

Available for:

  • Platino 1530
  • Platino 2040
  • Platino Fiber 1530
  • Laser Genius 1530
  • Laser Genius 2040


Some highlights of the Compact Server

  • Smallest footprint on the market and does not increase overall layout of standalone system
  • Suitable for long or short periods of unattended production
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can be added to a stand alone system even at a later date ( modular systems )
  • Additional manual unloading table possible
Tech data
Sizes Available
CS1530 3000mm x 1500mmCS2040 4000mm x 2000mm
Shelf Weight
3 Tonne per Shelf ( 2 shelves in total )
Thickness working range
0.5mm - 20mm
Working Zones
up to 7 zones
Size of unit ( without machine )
5800mm x 6000mm x 3550mm
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