Prima Power eP Press Brake

Press Brakes

Prima Power servo-electric press brakes use drive systems that provide fast, accurate, non-hydraulic bending solutions. 

In fact, this concept combines productivity, accuracy, flexibility, and reliability concerning environmental aspects; therefore, Prima Power refers to this concept as “Green Means.”

Green Means refers to greater versatility, lower power consumption, less maintenance, and no oil to purchase or eliminate. In addition, easy programming and outstanding accuracy stop wasted parts. Finally, you make better sheet metal components at a lower cost.


Prima Power press brake pulley-belt bending 

Using servo motors offers Prima Power press brakes superior position control and accuracy over their opposition.

Prima Power servo-electric press brakes actuate the pulley belt system and distribute the bending force over the whole bending length.

The system consists of fixed and moving rolls spread out over the total working length of the upper beam. The belt itself is a steel wire-reinforced maintenance-free belt. Notably, the design is not a toothed belt, nor is the functioning based on friction; transmission of the bending force is through tension – a reliable and straightforward solution.

  • Prima Power press brake

    eP Series

    Prima Power has been a true pioneer in applying servo electronics in sheet metal machinery since 1998.

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  • Prima-Power-eP-1030-Genius-with-tool-change-storage

    eP Genius with auto tool change

    Prima Power press brake, the eP Genius, consists of integrating the servo-electric eP1030 with an automatic tool change storage system.

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  • hP-4060-with-lights

    hP Series

    ECO hydraulic bending machines for high tonnage requirements

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