Key to better productivity

A machine supplier is a long-term partner and not a piece of machinery supplied. This requires professional services that complement its technology.

The quality of our services is the highest priority for us. The overall target of our services is to ensure:

  1. Maximum, permanent availability,
  2. Optimum utilization and
  3. Future development

At the heart of IMTS Machinery is a complete suite of services designed specifically for the customer. Commissioning, maintaining, and developing manufacturing capacity and ensuring that maximum use can be made of it.

Our service process starts before the quotation stage. Using a wide, modular product range, we offer just the right solution for the customer’s present and foreseeable production requirements. Once a solution has been selected, the process continues to ensure that these targets are met.

  • Consulting

    WE ARE HERE TO HELP IMTS Machinery have over 25 years of experience dealing with customers from all types of industries, plus we have all worked in a variety of manufacturing industries ourselves.  This gives us an unmatched level of knowledge when a customer contacts us looking to improve their production capabilities.  We don’t just…

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  • Product Upgrades

    Product Upgrades

    IMTS Machinery can provide product upgrades for Finn Power and Prima Power systems tailored to the customer requirements. As technology changes, so can your machine!  Modern sheet metal working machines can be upgraded with new features and functions during their lifetime to help improve their performance. Prima Power’s modular engineering philosophy allows many solutions for…

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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    IMTS Machinery are the agent for Prima Power and Finn Power spare parts in Australia and NZ. IMTS Machinery are proud to be the only authorised sales and service agent for Finn Power in Australia and NZ. We hold a huge range of spare parts in our facility in Melbourne ready for overnight delivery. If…

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  • Machine relocation

    Machine Relocation

    Machine relocations by IMTS Machinery – Extending the life of your machine.  Our services include: Layout design Project management Dismantling Reconditioning (if required) Installation Start-up Safety acceptance procedure Replacing existing machinery by new one is often not the only possibility.  After a proper machine check-up we are able to suggest possible upgrades and parts’ replacement in order…

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  • Training

    IMTS Machinery can provide operator, software and service training for your employees Your machine only performs at its best when your operators have the best training. Without this ongoing training, the knowledge gained at the machine installation can be lost over time. IMTS have people who are skilled in not only installation and service training,…

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