Punch & Shear

Prima Power punch & shear combination machines are specially designed to produce sheet metal components quickly.
Generally, a large majority of sheet metal components are rectangular. Therefore, a highly economical method for producing them is to perform the turret punching and then shear the components, either one by one or multiple parts simultaneously.
Prima Power performs this automatically by combining turret punching with a right-angle shear. Even parts with two or three straight edges are perfect for production with a right-angle shear.
Integrated punch and shear machines provide higher capacity and quality and are more cost-efficient. This is particularly true for sheet metal components than any comparable system. Over thirty years of experience in right angle shear technology, combined with proven field performance in nearly 3,000 applications worldwide, has provided Prima Power with significant benefits compared to its opposition.
Therefore, the Prima Power turret punch and shear combination machines provide a competitive edge for today’s demanding business environment.

  • Shear Genius loading side

    Shear Genius

    Prima Power Shear Genius is the world-leading fabricating solution based on integrated punching and shearing, automatic loading and component exit.

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  • Prima Power Shear Brilliance complete view

    Shear Brilliance

    Prima Power Shear Brilliance combines the principle of integrated turret punching and shearing with the astonishing performance made possible by modern linear technology.

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