Punch Laser

Prima Power Punch Laser machines were introduced to the product family in 1987 to fill a gap present in the market. Prima Power noticed that combining different work stages accelerated the final product’s manufacture and reduced production costs.
A modern punch laser combination machine uses numerically controlled, servo-electric axes. These provide outstanding energy efficiency, low maintenance requirement. In addition, they offer a high speed of overall operation.
Prima Power punch laser machine’s most important features include large tool capacity, a wide range of special tools available, and easy, fast setup change. The attached fiber laser has a very high efficiency to cut material up to 8 mm thickness.
In short, the range of punch laser systems offers flexible capacity, ease of use, and modular thinking.
The machine control and user interface use touch screen panels which help ensure fast setup and, therefore, extremely convenient operation.

  • Combi Genius

    Prima Power Combi Genius turret punch with fiber laser cutting cell introduces a new generation of servo-electric technology. Enhanced productivity is complemented by a totally new industrial design

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  • Prima Power Compact Express

    Combi Sharp

    Prima Power Combi Sharp combines unbeatable turret punching performance with the best in energy-efficient fiber laser cutting.

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