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Phase Retarders ( RPR ) from IMTS Machinery

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Metal cutting and other critical Co2 laser operations are sensitive to any variation in kerf width or cross-section. The kerf’s quality depends on the polarization orientation relative to the cut direction.

Introducing a quarter-wave reflective phase retarder (RPR) into the beam delivery path eliminates kerf variations by converting linear polarization to circular polarization.

Contact IMTS Machinery for your II-VI Phase Retarder requirements.

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Phase Retarders

815554, 995591, 182241, 200947, 440455, 6016641


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
Phase Retarder
815554730.12.102Copper RPR 80mm x 60mm x 20mm PO/SPT
995591CU WC RPR 2.953"DIA .984"CT PO/SPT
External Fold Mirror
18224150mm DIA x 10mm THK RPR Phase retarder
External Fold Mirror
60166416016641Copper Phase Retarder ( RPR )