Output Couplers

Output Couplers for Co2 Lasers from IMTS Machinery

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Partial reflectors are commonly used as laser Output Couplers in Co2 lasers.

Laser output couplers often require a slightly wedged substrate to eliminate interference from multiple reflections inside the component. If you require a specific wedge value, please specify this when ordering.

II-VI maintains commonly used coatings and substrate radii of curvature for their output couplers.

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Output Coulers

6017630, 6023134, 6024037, 6026144, 6062436, 6072928, 6074132, 693352, 697996, 705303, 796662, 885625, 892005


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
Focussing Lens
6017630ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.1"Dia x 0.236"Thick
Focussing Lens
6023134ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.5" Dia x 0.236" Thick
Focussing Lens
6026144ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.0"Dia x 0.236" Thick
6062436Amada Output Coupler Mounted M19
6072928ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.1"Dia x 0.2362" Thick Mounted
6074132ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.0" Dia x 0.236" Thick
693352ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.5" Dia x 0.315" Thick
705303ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.5"Dia x 0.315" Thick
796662ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.1"Dia x 0.220" Thick
885625ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.181"Dia x 0.236" Thick
892005ZnSe Partial Reflector 1.1"Dia x 0.220" Thick