Rear & Fold Mirrors

Rear and Fold Mirrors for Co2 Lasers from IMTS Machinery

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Mirrors or total reflectors are used in laser cavities as rear mirrors and fold mirrors, and externally as beam benders in beam delivery systems.

Silicon is the most commonly used mirror substrate; its advantages are low cost, good durability, and thermal stability.

Copper is typically used in high-power applications for its high-thermal conductivity.

Molybdenum’s extremely tough surface makes it ideal for the most demanding operating environments. Molybdenum is normally offered uncoated.

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Rear and Fold Mirrors

105088/M26, 126740, 146184/M14, 273450/M14, 284474, 432529, 499018, 512702/M19, 586378, 6017673, 6023607, 6034873, 6036937, 6069058, 667088, 6705878, 718109, 722287, 750453, 765115, 810771/M18, 907692, 933685/M, 989226, 6039302, 6043301, 6059426, 6063640


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
II-VI-Rear Mirrors
126740Mazak Rear Mirror 8500
146184/M14PRC Rear Mirror Assembly
273450/M14PRC Rear Mirror Assembly
284474Rear Mirror 1.5"Dia x 0.315"ET
432529Bystronic Rear Mirror
499018Mazak Rear Mirror
512702/M19Rear Mirror Assembly
586378Trumpf Rear Mirror Assembly
6017673PRC 5kW Rear Mirror
6023607Prima CP/CV Rear Mirror
6034873PRC Rear Mirror
6036937PRC Rear Mirror
6069058Rear Mirror
667088Rear Mirror 1.5"Dia x 0.315"ET
6705878PRC Rear Mirror
718109Arrow Rear Mirror
722287Mazak Rear Mirror
750453Panasonic Rear Mirror
765115Rear Mirror Assembly 2.5"Dia
810771/M18Bystronic Rear Mirror
907692Rear Mirror 1.5" Dia 0.315" ET
933685/MPRC Rear Mirror Assembly
989226Rear Mirror 1.5" x .250"
6039302Cu Reflector 38.1mm Dia 20mm Thick SPH
6043301Cu Reflector 38.1mm Dia 20mm Thick CYL
6059426Cu Reflector 1.5"Dia 0.7874"Thick
6063640Cu Reflector 1.969"Dia 0.984" Thick