ATFR Mirrors

ATFR Mirrors for Co2 Lasers from IMTS Machinery

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The use of ATFR mirrors from II-VI in Co2 lasers is for cutting highly reflective metals such as copper, brass, or aluminum. This is due to these materials being highly reflective.

Reflections from the workpiece can be transmitted back through the beam delivery system into the laser cavity. These reflections can cause issues within the laser cavity and power instabilities. These reflections are more likely to occur during the piercing or initial stages of the cut.

ATFR mirrors minimize the chance of damage to the optics and resonator.

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ATFR Mirrors

160586, 248832/F, 248852, 432326, 6069832


ImageQuantitySKUOEM Part NumberDescription
External Fold Mirror
160586Cu ATFR 2.0"Dia .375"Thick
External Fold Mirror
248832/FPRC ATFR 2.362"Dia 1.181 Thick
External Fold Mirror
248852PRC ATFR Mirror
External Fold Mirror
432326Cu ATFR 1.968"DIA 0.393"Thick
External Fold Mirror
6069832PRC Cu ATFR Mirror