Laser Genius+

Prima Power Laser Genius Plus begins a new era of 2D laser cutting. High dynamics and greater accuracy are just the beginning of the benefits the LG+ offers its users.

Prima Power Laser Genius Plus is the latest addition to the Prima Power laser family.

Laser Genius Plus is a highly productive, flexible, and efficient fiber laser cutting system, utilizing a reversible and modular layout covering all customer needs.

As a result of the clever design of Laser Genius+, it has a very high level of thermal stability and vibration damping. In addition, the compact design of the motors and drives delivers more power and the best possible efficiency.

Laser Genius+ is a plug-and-play machine, and for this reason, just a few days are needed to progress from delivery to production. Similarly, the laser generator, chillers, motors, and services are built-in to the service module.

Laser Genius+ has the largest overall X&Y stroke, therefore the most extensive working range than other laser machines on the market. In addition, the cutting table has best in class maximum sheet weight of 1150kg.

Prima Power Laser Genius Plus Modular Automation

Furthermore, Prima Power Laser Genius+ can be integrated with a wide range of automation solutions. In fact, as a result of the modular design of the automation solutions, they can be installed on Laser Genius+ at any time, even years after the customer installed the machine. Therefore, users can automatically perform functions such as material loading/unloading, storage, and part sorting.

Compact Server

The standard automatic table transfer system minimizes downtime and optimizes productivity. However, with the Compact Server installed, it can automatically load and unload material. Additionally, the material is loaded automatically with the Compact Server or manually at the third station with the third table option added. The results of which ensure the highest possible flexibility.

Combo Tower

Prima Power Combo Tower is a flexible storage system performing automatic loading and unloading of material, along with finished part storage; therefore, it is a crucial component for automated production. Combo tower allows different materials to be available whenever required without delay. In addition to material storage, Combo Tower serves as storage for laser cut parts and the finished sheet.

Night Train

Prima Power Night Train is an automated storage solution for modern manufacturing facilities. Designed for 24/7 lights-out production utilizing raw material and part storage, Night Train is the perfect solution for customers looking for a completely automated production solution.
Prima Power machinery is located around and connected to the primary storage system. As a result of the intelligent software and automated material handling, the large capacity of the Night Train allows for long, uncrewed production cycles. Additionally, in the future, the customer can expand night Train with different machines or shelving units.

Prima Power Laser Genius Plus Features

Profitable: Smart software and hardware result in an excellent cost to performance ratio.

Accessible: Excellent visibility and maximum accessibility for the operators.

User-friendly: Easy to use programming software and operator interface; as a result, quick setup and reduced downtime.

Plug & play: The quickest possible installation, thanks to the intelligent machine layout, reducing the installation process.

Smart: Industry 4.0 and IoT built-in as standard, providing the best feedback to users and technicians.

Modular: As a result of the modular design of Prima Power automation, we can install automation systems at any time after the initial machine installation.


Tech data
Machine Type
Cutting Table Size
LG+1530 - 3150mm x 1600mmLG+2040 - 4150mm x 2100mmLG+6020 - 6150mm x 2100mm
Laser Power Range
3kW - 15kW
Laser Type
Solid State Diode Fiber Laser
Maximum Positioning Speed
***Combined Axis X&Y180m/min
***Over Complete Stroke0.03mm
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