Night Train Brilliance

Prima Power Night Train Brilliance is a comprehensive Flexible Manufacturing System solution for a sheet-metal working factory designed for automatic and unmanned production.

Prima Power Night Train Brilliance is a flexible manufacturing system whose history is long and famous, the first one being installed as early as 1990 and has now been followed by hundreds of others.

Prima Power Night Train Brilliance automates the material and information systems of a facility and combines individual manufacturing stages into a single flexible process. Systems are customized using the wide Prima Power range of high-performance machine tools, integrated cells, automatic material handling solutions, and software. Due to the wide range and modularity, the optimum solution can be found for every application and all system sizes.

When batch sizes are getting smaller and smaller and same time there is increased demand for fast material changes, a highly productive Fast Loading Device FLD can be integrated to the shelving unit of Night Train FMS®.

FLD provides fast sheet-by-sheet material delivery directly from material cassettes on the shelving unit and delivers it to the machine connection. Typically raw material is delivered at hidden time to the machine cell.

The flexibility of Prima Power FMS technology extends beyond our own range of machines and cells. The standard Prima Power interface allows also the integration of other suppliers’ machines in the system.


Highlights of the Prima Power Night Train Brilliance

  • More capacity with level of investment
  • Increased production capacity using reduced floor space
  • Less storage of work-in-progress
  • Reduced labour hours and more machine hours with 24/7 operation
  • Almost zero changeover times for set-up changes
Tech data
Cassette Size ( can be mixed )
3000mm x 1500m4000mm x 1500mm
Cassette Load Weight
Up to 3 tonne per cassette
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