Excalibur Laser System

High speed and high quality at an attractive price point

The Excalibur high speed laser cutting system from Lead Laser utilises current technology to produce high speed and high tolerance laser cutting on all thicknesses of material.  Available with up to 15kW of laser power, the Excalibur is perfect for production runs or small batches.  We utilise a HD nesting function within the machine to allow the operator the possibility of manually nesting parts directly onto the sheet on the table without the need of a CAM nested program.


Some highlights of the Excalibur laser system

  • The CNC system specially developed for laser cutting processing integrates all the functions required for laser processing inside the CNC, with fast action and accurate trajectory. The new PIKO interpolation function makes the cutting trajectory smoother, and a new open control system
  • Complete safety protection system, fully enclosed protective cover completely cut off laser radiation, in line with CE European standards
  • High dynamic performance and high motion rigidity. It can cut workpieces with complex contours at high speed
  • The front of the exchange table allows the user to control the cutting progress and the preparation of the sheet at the same time without frequent movement
  • Fully electric column-type four-linked mechanical synchronous shuttle tables
  • Lens monitoring function, monitor the status of the protective lens through the sensor to prevent the lens from overheating
  • With automatic zoom function, the focus position can be set by parameters, and it is not necessary to manually adjust the focus when cutting different thicknesses and materials
  • New and easy-to-use graphical interface using a graphical interface with touch screen operation
  • Dual-screen high-resolution multi-touch operation screen, display more information, and understand the running status of the equipment at any time
  • Quick and automatic edge-finding function, independent visual sensor can quickly and accurately position the plate without cutting action
  • Brand new zone automatic dust removal system: The optimized design system can remove harmful gases and dust generated in the process to a great extent
  • Online parameter editing function: You can adjust the cutting parameters online without interrupting the processing or modifying the processing program
  • High-rigidity and high-precision machine tools: The high-rigidity bed that has undergone strict stress relief treatment ensures long-term stability of the machine tool
Tech data
Machine Type
Excalibur 3015Excalibur 4020
Sheet Size ( X / Y )
Excalibur 3015 - 3100mm x 1550mmExcalibur 4020 - 4050mm x 2025mm
Laser Power Range
3kW - 4kW - 6kW - 8kW - 10kW - 12kW
Laser Type
Solid State Diode Laser
Maximum Positioning Speed
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