VF Tube Laser Cutting

High Quality Tube Cutting Solution with Fiber Laser

Product Introduction:
The Lead Laser VF Tube cutting machine is a product aimed at the market of profile and tube machining.

The machine adopts an 8 axis numerical control system to realize the profile loading, real-time supporting, chuck auto adjustment and movement of all axes. Supplied with an IPG Fiber Laser which is the leading brand of fiber laser, all the transmission parts are imported from Europe, in-house developed key components such as the HMI, make the machine suitable for cuting off, notching, contour cutting of round, square, rectangle, oval profiles and more!

The machine can be useful in the architecture, food, decoration, advertisement, PE equipment industry.

The VF tube cutting system is indeed a broad range, high efficiency, highly automatic tube processing machine.

  • High efficiency fiber laser from IPG
  • 6500mm tube length
  • 8 axis CNC with auto-feeding chuck
  • Max 310mm round tube and Max 212mm square tube
  • Up to 8mm wall thickness
  • In-house developed HMI
  • Automatic unloading
  • CE Safety Rating